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Teryx Offroad Window Net

  • Specializing in off-road nets for the Kawasaki Teryx 4. We offer high quality nets that are made of rip resistant vinyl coated polyester. They include an additional 2 bands of 1" webbing to make them even stronger. 
  • Unique Slant design allows Air flow for your passengers which is very welcome on a warm day.  Other nets block air flow to your passengers
  • Easy load/Unload system. 2 clicks and you are ready to load or unload. 
  • We offer one of the best prices found for off-road nets. Other nets  are selling for $129-$149.
  • We have the Vet Nets in stock!  Skip the 2-4 week lead time when you do business with us. I don't know of any other site that has nets for the Teryx in stock.
  • We  offer some great color options which I have not seen available anywhere. You can customize your ride as you like.
  • Weather resistant, UV resistant and durable - Tested for toughness and fit - THEY WORK GREAT!
  • These are built to work perfectly with your factory doors and factory roll cage. Doors will still open and close. These will also work on Cage Chops. 
  • Made in the USA - All materials and labor are from the USA.
  • Veteran Owned - We worked hard to design and build a quality product that will hold up and be affordable.
  • Currently designing some neat storage options and other goodies for the Teryx including a Vet Net Windshield with airflow.  Standby for those.


Friendly Staff


Proud Military Veteran that is active in the side by side community in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. I drove the ultimate offroad vehicle in the Army - A Tank! We own a 4 seater because our dog Layla goes everywhere with us. We saw a need for protecting our passengers - no matter if they they have 2 legs or 4:) so we started Vet Nets.  I will earn your business with quality products - fast shipping - fair pricing. Every product we sell has been designed, used and tested by myself for fit and durability.  Our goal is to make your "trip off the grid" safer and more enjoyable. 

Fast Shipping


Most orders will ship via USPS mail the following day on orders placed M-F 8 AM - 10 PM . Overnight shipping available with prior request at

 an additional cost. Shipping to Canada is currently $40.00 - If you want this please email me and I will send you an invoice for the additional shipping charge.


The Vet Net Difference!

All Off-road nets are not created equal

The picture on the left is an off-road net made for the RZR. The picture on the right is the Vet Net designed for the Teryx. I know of some people that modify the RZR off-road net and use it on the Teryx.  While they may look similar there is a big difference in protection and durability. Here is the problem with the net on the left.

  • The price - Other nets sell for $129.99 to $149.99 on various websites (google it) - The Vet Net is $79.95 - We are honest and fair people to do business with. 
  • Air Flow - Most nets completely enclose the passenger area leaving it hotter and feeling closed in. The Vet Net provides great air flow while still giving the feeling like you are outdoors and providing protection from Branches, Mud, Rocks, and Dirt!
  • Not as durable - The off-road net on the left has areas where it is fabric only. This is easily snagged by tree limbs and rips easier. It has 3-4 threads per inch of mesh. The Vet Net uses the maximum of 9 threads per inch for MAXIMUM protection but is still able to clearly be seen through. The mesh is entirely vinyl coated providing a tougher more durable off-road net that is capable of being submerged in water and is mildew resistant.
  • Mud/Slop protection - With less threads the RZR net is less effective at blocking mud and dirt - it passes right through. The Vet Net is far superior in keeping unwanted elements out of your cab and off your passengers, children and pets. 
  • Tree Limb Protection - With a tighter weave and vertical 1" webbing running the length of the net  4 times, the Vet Net does not allow small branches to penetrate and cause rips or worse yet injure your passengers. The Vet Net is very effective at blocking these. 

The Vet Net is a far better off-road net at a substantially better price. 

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What our customers are saying:

F.S. - Canada

"Just wanted to send you a quick pic of them on. We love them thank you so much
I will take a pic this weekend and send it
We are headed out riding this weekend"

D.B. - Ohio

"Just received my nets today and installed. Fit great and look great and seem to be good quality! We have a ride planned for this Saturday and I will get to try them out. As of now I can say thank you for great nets at a very reasonable price and I don't foresee that opinion changing!"

T.K. - Ohio

"amazing product that will withstand some abuse over and over. I highly recommend this product to all teryx4 owners."

C.W. - Arizona

Just installed my vet nets in the Teryx . took the dogs for a ride and feel secure that they're going to be protected. I totally recommend these to anyone who carries their kids, dogs even their buddies in their side by side

M.S. - Florida

Just received and installed my nets. Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

K.V. - Canada

Great product I got a set for my golden retriever to be safe on trips and when the grand kids are here they now can be brush free from the sticks hitting them. Great product and so well made , the fit is fantastic my golden retriever “jersey” is one happy lady.

A.B. - Utah

Loving these things!! It made my ride SO much more enjoyable not having to worry about my doggies flying out. Thanks so much!!

C.H. - Utah

Took the Teryx on its first ride with the VetNets and they are great. My two 4 legged riders were protected and I didn’t have to worry about them.

K.W. - Arkansas

I love our vet nets. Best purchase we have made next to the teryx. It was great not to worry about limbs hitting my daughter, my granddaughter, or myself as we rode through the woods. It helped keep the bugs off of us too. I would definitely recommend the vet nets to everyone. We bought the set of four. my husband prefers not to use his but the other three are always up. Thank you vet net!

Use and Care

How to Clean

While I have pressure washed these many many times - For the sake of longevity it is not the best way of cleaning your Vet Net. Take care of your Vet Net and it will take care of you!

  1. Shake / Brush out as much dirt from the Vet Net as possible.
  2. Place your Vet Net in the washing machine with the appropriate amount of detergent.
  3. Wash using the "Gentle Cycle" with warm wash and cold rinse
  4. When the cycle is complete, Lay your Vet Net on towels or place outside and let dry completely. Do not place in Dryer for maximum longevity. 

Thats it - Your all set for another Trip off the Grid!

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